The old saying “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes” is definitely right.

I started dreaming up the notion of Connector42 almost 3 years ago. Professionally, I want to advance a new model where brands can get the high quality marketing services they need from professionals without paying exorbitant fees that goes towards overhead like fancy offices, extravagant parties, etc. It’s also a way for marketing professionals to get the variety they crave, the sense of belonging to brands through a longer term relationship, and get to do their best craft without much of the agency politics.

Selfishly though, I wanted this new adventure in life to help me grow. I craved the freedom to explore new territories in marketing. In the past couple of years, I’ve spent time diving into digital attribution modelling for eCommerce, machine learning models that help improve email engagement rates, and a variety of other “above-and-beyond” explorations that I wouldn’t have been able to afford the time and resources to do so in a traditional agency world.

I want to make it a goal to start writing and sharing more of my journey. I don’t know what questions I will encounter along the way. But I know 42 will be my ultimate answer.

Margaret Ngai

Fusion of artsy interests & geeky minds. Passionate about smart marketing & startups. Always single focus on good food. She/Her

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